You Get What You Pay For

Toulouse LautrecIt’s the 1890’s in Paris. A woman is walking down the street. Suddenly she spots a short man walking towards her and realizes that it’s Toulouse Lautrec, the famous painter.

“Monsieur Lautrec” she says, as she reaches him. “Today is my husband’s birthday. I wonder if you would be kind enough to draw a sketch of me so that I can present it to my husband as a birthday present”.

“Of course madame” says Lautrec. And with that he produces a sketch pad and pencil and begins to draw the lady.

A few minutes later he presents it to her. “Oh monsieur” she says. “That’s wonderful. How much do I owe you?”

“Ten thousand francs madame” he says.

“Ten thousand francs but it only took you 5 minutes”.

“No madame. It took me a lifetime”.

If you’re looking for a website you can go to a professional website specialist and pay a few hundred or even thousand of pounds, depending on your requirements. Or you can go to friends or relatives and get it done for very little or even nothing.

But at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Mike Brogan – Day 10 Solutions


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Written by
Mike Brogan
Mike is a website developer specializiing in website design, online marketing, ecommerce design, and consutancy. He has developed website for clients for over 20 years.

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