The More Clients Digital Marketing Service

This programme will help you to make effective use of the internet to increase the number and value of new clients and turn them into increased profit.

Is this You? Are you struggling to increase profits from your internet marketing?

You are a small of medium business owner and already use the internet to market your business. You have a website, but you don’t attract enough clients from it. You don’t think that clients can find your website on search engines. You don’t understand why. You use social media but you get few people turning into customers. You are frustrated by the internet and don’t fully understand how to use it. Internet marketing doesn’t seem to work for you.


You can learn how to use the internet effectively to attract enough clients to turbo charge your business.

Getting business from the internet needn’t be a struggle. It’s all about making the different activities – website, social media, search engines, blogs, and email –work together. When you do this, potential clients will be attracted to your website, take an interest in what you have to offer, and then contact you, part-ready to do business with you.


If it’s so easy, why haven’t you done it?

Getting business online starts with understanding how all the online activities work together. Most people think that all they need is a website. Build it, perform some magic to it so that people can find it on search engines, and then sit back and wait for customers to contact them. Some use social media as an alternative to their website. They think that posting and getting likes will bring them business. There is no structure or process to their activities. It’s no wonder that it doesn’t work.


Mastering the internet requires a systematic approach.

It all starts with understanding your potential customers. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they operate. And what they are expecting from you. Then it’s a matter of building a website that will attract the interest of these customers. Potential customers can be attracted to your website from carefully targeted social media postings. The website can be optimized to bring in appropriate potential clients from search engines. And then most importantly, the website must be structured such that it captures the interest of visitors, nurtures them, and then turns them into qualified leads that will deliver you profitable business. The best investment you can make to turn the internet into extra profit for your business.


Day 10 has the expertise and experience to do this.

Mike Brogan, founder, and owner of Day 10 Internet for over 20 years, has developed a system that will help you generate business from digital marketing. This is marketing approach focusses on your clients and their requirements and then develops an integrated digital marketing system encompassing all aspects of your online activities.
Mike offers a totally bespoke service tailored to the requirements of the clients. It is a personal service, not outsourced to third parties or to inexperienced juniors. Mike is available during working hours and 24/7 for critical business issues.


If you would like to know more about how Mike can help to start getting more clients from your online activities, give him a call. He’ll be happy to discuss your situation on the phone at no charge. Call on 01256 609800 or 07989 497899, email at, or conatact Mike using the link below to set up a Free consultation call.