Doub7e Seven Events

Case Study

The Client – Moutan Flowers

Doub7e Seven Events are party and conference specialists. From dancers to DJ’s, projector screens to poseur tables, celebrities to cabaret acts, fire eaters to face painters, from theme props to tribute artists – they assist with all kinds of events.

Doub7e Seven Events is 19 years old and has been providing event solutions for corporate events, charity functions, university balls, parties & weddings since 2003. How time flies!

When people ask what Doub7e Seven does – it’s difficult to sum up the range event solutions they offer, but they hope that you will get a fuller flavour of everything from their website and social media pages.

In summary Doub7e Seven acts like a “google search” for the event industry – taking the hassle out of researching entertainers and theming options, whilst guaranteeing you a pre-vetted, quality solution – no matter what your event requirement.

Over the last 19 years the quality of acts, reliability, creativity, eye for detail and service have been the reason for so many referrals and re-bookings.

The Challenge

When we took over the account, Doub7e Seven already had a website which didn’t fully reflect the image that Roop wanted to portray or the range of event ”solutions” that he provided.

Or brief therefore was to design a completely new website that would encompass the entire range of Doub7e Seven’s offerings and present them in a way that they could be readily found.

The overall look of the site was to be redesigned to fit the image that Doub7e Seven portrayed in the rest of its marketing material.

The challenge was to design what would, in effect, be a large online catalogue featuring all the acts and artists that Doub7e Seven supplied and display examples of their performances.

The Implementation

Initially we produced a design that categorised the various performer and acts such that website users could easily find what they needed. The real challenge though was to show examples of the various performers.

The problem was inconsistency in material and quality. At that time, many performers only had brochures and fliers, some images were of dubious quality, some performers had audio examples of their performances, only a very few had videos.

The initial versions of the website managed to include all these elements in a coherent fashion.

Over time, the number of artists with video increased until video showreels and examples of live performances became almost ubiquitous. Also, due to the improvement in smart phone camera technology, good quality images became the norm.

We evolved the website to reflect this change in artists’ own marketing material.


Currently, the website serves as an online brochure aimed at customers searching for artists and performers. It provides comprehensive examples of their performances and good quality images.

The site has gradually evolved and grown so that it currently has almost 500 pages featuring different artists; over 350 of these pages contain videos.

A secondary function for the site is that it provides a reference point for Roop when talking to or writing proposals for potential customers. It enable him to point out relevant artists and performers and display their performances.

We continually update the site as Doub7e Seven’s stable of performers evolves and as they expand their portfolio of events.