Search Engine Optimization

Can People Find Your Website?

A strong online presence is key to the success of any business. We work tirelessly to optimize your website and help you achieve higher search rankings. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, we can help you reach your online goals.

SEO Packages to Suit all Businesses

Starter SEO

An excellent value starter SEO package tailored for sole traders, or very small business owners, who want to generate more leads online. 

It is most suitable for businesses that trade locally, and businesses trading in niche industries. 

Value SEO

Our most popular SEO package, ideal for businesses that rely on their websites for a large part of their revenue.

It is most suitable for small to medium sited (SME) businesses that trade nationwide.

Advanced SEO

Our most comprehensive SEO package. We invest as much time as necessary in the success of our clients’ businesses. 

We tailor the package to suit your exact requirements and then provide a price to suit your budget.

All our SEO packages are provided on a rolling monthly basis with no contract. Payment is due at the beginning of each month and you can cancel at any time.

Our SEO Packages 

What We Provide

Website Healthcheck

The first thing we do is to hold a discussion with you to gain an understanding of your busness. This is essential to allow us to research your competitors and target the most appropriate keywords.

The we take an in-depth look at your site and note down all the factors that we believe will require attantion.

We especially check the site’s loading speed on desktop and mobile devices because speed can have a huge effect on search engine rankings.

Full keyword Analysis

Before any SEO work can be done, we need to understand the keywords and keyword phrases that web users are likely to us to search for businesses such as yours.

We use a number of online tools to help us find the most appropriate ones. What we are looking for are keywords that are appropriate to your business but have low competition in the number of website they bring up.

Content (Blogs)

Research studies have shown that small business websites that contain blogs generate significantly more leads that those that don’t. Why is this?

  • A blog helps you establish yourself as an industry leader, adding more credibility to your website and your business.
  • Regular blog posting keeps gives your website a constant supply of fresh content. This gives Google a reason to come back more often to index your website.
  • With a blog, you are continually adding more pages to your website, allowing for more keywords to be targeted and thus more change of people finding it.
  • A blog gives more opportunity to target “log-tail keywords” – e.g. those keywords that have fewer people searching with them but have less competition.

Depending on the SEO package you chose, we can offer advice on blog creation and posting. With our more advanced SEO packages we can create blog posts for you.

Competitor Research

During our discussions with you, we identify the most appropriate competitors to look at. We then conduct and in-depth investigation to look at their search engine rankings and all the factors that contribute to the rankings.

We then compare those results with the results from your site to understand where your site needs improvements making.

Monthly Reporting

To let you know what we have done during the month to get the SEO results you are looking for, we send out a personalised web marketing report on the first of each month. This describes our work during the previous month along with detailed SEO ranking results, easy to understand data from Google analytics and any other reports as necessary.

This helps you to fully understand the results we do rather than just taking our word for it.  Your report is sent out electronically with a secure link for you to follow and view your report online.

Industry Focused Link Building

Links (backlinks) from other trusted websites are a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign. We thoroughly check that your backlinks are working in your website’s favour rather than damaging it and we plan in link building activities to help boost your backlink profile.

Google My Business Optimization

This ensures that your business shows up, with all the correct information and location, on Google’s local search results.

6 Month Performance Review

Every 6 months we conduct an in-depth review of your site.