What's your email address?

How many small businesses do you come across that don’t have proper email addresses?

By not proper email addresses, I mean ones that don’t use the company’s domain name (assuming the company has a domain name) such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com, aol.com etc.

Don’t these people realize the messages they’re sending out? “Not a proper business”. “Doing things on the cheap”. It’s the internet equivalent of only giving out a mobile phone number. Or the guy who knocks on your door to ask if you want your trees lopped, hands you a business card and then asks for it back when you tell him to **** off. It’s simply not professional.

A proper email address, and a domain name, cost peanuts. There’s no excuse for any business not to have one even if they don’t have a website. There’s even less of an excuse if they do have a website!

So, if you’ve got a Hotmail, or similar, address go out and get yourself a proper one today and ditch that Hotmail address. It’s making you look like Dell Boy.

123-reg.co.uk is a great place to start, you can set yourself up a domain name and email address for a few pounds. Set up a divert on it and you can still continue to use your Hotmail account.

If this sounds daunting then call a website developer who should be able to set you up for only a few pounds more.


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Written by
Mike Brogan
Mike is a website developer specializiing in website design, online marketing, ecommerce design, and consutancy. He has developed website for clients for over 20 years.

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