Split Screen Editing in Excel & Word

A little known but useful feature when using Microsoft Excel or Word is the ability to see edit one part of the document or spreadsheet and see another part on the same screen. This is known as Split Screen editing.

This feature is especially useful when working with spreadsheets. Often you need to keep the column headers and/or the first few columns fixed on the screen whilst you work on the rest of the spreadsheet. You can do this by spitting the screen vertically and horizontally as demonstrated in the example below.

The same feature, splitting the screen vertically only, works a similar way in MS Word.

Example – Split Screen Editing in Excel

Figure 1 shows an example of an excel spreadsheet.

To split the screen horizontally click on the small vertical bar at the bottom right of the spreadsheet window (Figure 2). Then drag it left to where you want the split to occur. You can now scroll each part of the spreadsheet separately. To remove the split simply click the vertical bar and move it back to its original position at the right hand side of the spreadsheet.

To split the screen vertically click on the horizontal bar at the top right of the spreadsheet (Figure 3).

Figure 4 shows the same sheet as Figure 1 with vertical and horizontal splits in place.

Excel spreadsheet

Figure 1


Split screen 1

Figure 2

Split screen editing

Figure 3


Split screen editing

Figure 4






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