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About Mike

Mike Brogan Mike Brogan’s career has spanned over 40 years in the IT industry.

For the past 13 years his Internet company, Day 10 Internet, has helped clients to profit from the Internet.

He was initially involved in the early pioneering days of computing and subsequently the development of office automation and email, to the growth of the Internet and on to today’s, almost universal, acceptance and reliance on it.

To quote Mike “I can remember working on computers that stood taller that humans, were water cooled and needed a plumber to fix them!”

In his teens he did numerous jobs including building site labourer, painter and decorator, delivery van driver, department store sales advisor, bartender, waiter. He even operated a molecular still producing lanolin.

After gaining his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the Manchester University of Science and Technology (UMIST), Mike started his career as an electronics engineer and initially worked in the computer manufacturing industry evaluating hardware and software designs. During the 1980’s he worked as part of, and subsequently led, an international team that pioneered office applications that included electronic mail, word processing and electronic calendaring.

Since then his career has included setting up a European Computer Games Development Facility, managing the design and development of In-flight Entertainment Systems for the aircraft industry before becoming a full time consultant.

In 2001, seeing how the Internet was become entrenched as a part of business everyday life, Mike decided to focus his consultancy solely on the Internet. He now works independently, partnering with small businesses to help them use it to maximize profits.

Mike has published over 100 articles and posts on his blog, given talks on numerous topics and given interviews for local radio stations.

He now lives in Tenbury Wells on the border of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire with his partner and two dogs, from where he runs his business. Whilst not working Mike is a keen cyclist and also plays the guitar.

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