The best way to build a WordPress website

These days, most website developers use WordPress as a platform upon which to build their sites. The main reason for this is that WordPress is free to download and use. Also a wealth of add-on software exists in the form of plugins that can extend the capabilities of it. WordPress is backed by a community of experienced developers willing to freely share their knowledge.

One of the drawbacks however is that WordPress is template-based.  The specific look and feel of a WorPress site is determined by a template (or theme in WordPress-speak). Download a copy of WordPress and it comes bundled with a few different themes. In addition there is a myriad of themes that can be downloaded from other developers, some free and some to be paid for.

The theme approach offers a quick and easy way to get a website up and running. But each theme is limited to a specific design and to specific functions. Unless considerable customization is done, which can be costly, the site design will be resemble other sites based on the same theme.

A more efficient and flexible approach is to use a builder package. Loaded into WordPress a builder provides a set of software building blocks that can be configured to provide whatever design is required. A builder package can be likened to a Mecano set where specific preconstructed components can be bolted together to form any number of structures.

One such builder package is Divi. Divi contains modules that can perform pretty much any function that is likely to be required for a website. Its tour de force however is a video builder that allows a developer to construct and edit web pages whilst actually viewing the page on the screen. Thus Divi offer a developer the flexibility to produce a truly custom-looking website with no more effort than that required to product a theme-based site.

There is a modest annual cost to use Divi, but it is well worth it. Alternatively we include Divi with all out websites and it would be worth looking what we can offer.

Our website and hosting packages include a bundled copy of Divi. If you would like to find out more then take a look at our website or call us on 01568 609800 for an informal chat.


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