Is your website protected?

Protect your website

In recent years, WordPress has gradually become the ubiquitous website development platform for small to medium businesses. But along with its rise in popularity has grow an increasing population of hackers intent on breaking into it

A WordPress-based website left to its own devices will almost certainly become a victim of a hacking attack. The result will be that Google may will blacklist the site. Even worse, the entire server that is hosting it could become blacklisted. When this happens, sorting out the mess and cleaning the site can become a major headache. So what can be done to prevent it?

  • Use a reputable web hosting company.
  • Use obscure admin usernames and passwords, and change them frequently.
  • Take regular backups so that, if the worst happens, you can restore a clean copy of the site quickly.
  • Install a security plugin, such as Wordfence, that will continually monitor and prevent hacks and malware.
  • Ensure that WordPress itself and all the plugins are regularly updated.

All the websites that we develop and host are protected in this way. Our hosting packages include regular maintenance to do this. If you would like to find out more then take a look at our website  or call us on 01568 609800  for an informal chat.


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