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A client recently called my for some advice on the best way to archive emails from Outlook. This particular client had a number of separate client folders under his Inbox and wanted to archive each onto DVD for storage and, possible, restore at a later date.

The best way to do this in Outlook is to create a new Personal Folder for each of the client folders, copy each of the client folder from the Inbox into its own Personal Folder, then copy the personal folders onto DVD, and finally remove from Outlook.

Any one, or more, of these Personal Folders can be copied back and re installed into Outlook if required in the future.

You create new personal folders by clicking the Data File Management option under the File tab. This opens a window where you can add new Personal Folders, and remove existing ones (note this only removes them from Outlook, it doesn’t delete them). This window also shows the location of each Personal Folders which you can use to locate and copy the files.


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