Know How – Solve Windows Problems With System Restore

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Recently I realized that my notebook, which I use for email, stopped automatically going into sleep mode. Not a catastrophic problem, I know, but it’s better to have devices go into sleep or standby when not in use to avoid unnecessary heat build up. Why had this suddenly happened I wondered?

The reason, I eventually discovered, was Windows Update. From time to time Microsoft issues updates to its software which, if your computer is set to do so, will be automatically installed on your machine. Sometimes these updates don’t always do what Microsoft intended and have side effects. In this case my problem turned out to be down to an update that had the effect of preventing my notebook from sleeping automatically.

The solutions was simple. I did a system restore to revert my machine to the state it was in before the update. (See this article on how to do a system restore.)

In order to avoid similar, or worse, problems occurring in future, I then switched off automatic updates and set Windows to simply inform me when new updates are available and I will then choose to install them manually. If a problem then arises, I can revert back to the original state with system restore immediately. (See this article on how to configure an use automatic updates.)

The moral of the story. Don’t put your systems, and your business, in the hands of a 3rd party even if it is Microsoft. Keep control yourself.


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