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Google readeerLast night Google announced that it is shutting down Google Reader in July.

As a reminder, Google Reader is an RSS news feed aggregator. RSS news feeds are available from blogs and many websites. By subscribing to news feeds that interest you, you can read them all under the single umbrella of Google Reader. I have found it an extremely useful tool that saves me having to search visit and reed individual blogs.

Apparently Google Readers usage has been falling and Google have reached the point where they think it’s no longer worth maintaining. A shame I think but, if that’s the case, then I guess it’s inevitable.

All is not lost however, because there are a number of other RSS Readers with similar capabilities to Google Reader. Three alternatives that match the look, feel and functionality of Google Reader are FeedlyNewsBlur and The Old Reader. Google Reader offers the capability to export feeds and these three alternatives allow you to import this data.



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