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OutsourcingI often receive calls from other developers, particularly from the Indian subcontinent, asking if I want to subcontract work to them. So I would just like to clarify my policy and principles in the regard.

I do not subcontract any work to third parties. Not because I don’t trust third parties to produce quality work but because the effort I have to expend in managing subcontracted work is comparable to the effort I have to expend doing the work myself…..

I offer a bespoke, boutique service to customers. This enables me to respond quickly to changes and problems. Subcontracting to third parties takes away that flexibility.

In the past I have subcontracted work, even to Indian developers whose work has been of the highest standard, however I found it inflexible and costly in terms of my management effort. The result was not what I want to offer my customers.

In actual fact Day 10 internet is Mike Brogan. When you contract with Day 10 you get me. I do not employ developers or graphic designers or anyone else. This means that you are getting a personalized service from me where I can understand your business and work in partnership with you.


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