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Know How: How to Name Your Files

by | Jan 18, 2013 | All | 0 comments

Finding files on your PC after you’ve saved them away can become a nightmare particularly if you’ve got a lot of files.

The answer is a naming convention. Here’s what I do. I give each file a name consisting of a single keyword that indicates the content of the file together with the date in reverse order.

So, for example, when I write a letter I give the file a name in the format xxxx_yymmdd, where xxxx is the surname of the person I’m sending the letter to, or company name if appropriate. yymmdd is the date in reverse order.

Why do I add the date in reverse order? Simple. It means that when you do a sort on the file name all files names containing the same keyword will always be listed in chronological order.

This makes it much easier to find a file because each name indicates the file content and when it was written.


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