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How do you create your invoices? Using a Word document template? A Spreadsheet template? Or perhaps you generate them from an accounting package such as Sage?

Online Invoicing - Invoiceable

I’ve tried all these methods at some time or other and none of them were really satisfactory. Some were just downright time consuming.

A year or so ago I was recommended to Invoice Bubble, an online invoicing system. I was sceptical at first but after a couple of weeks I was hooked. Invoice Bubble now seems to have morphed into Invoicable (www.invoiceable.co) but it’s still basically the same. Invoiceable is completely free but does have a small “Powered by Invoiceable” link at the bottom of every invoice sent by the system.  These can be removed for a one time payment

With Invoiceable you can create invoices within a few seconds and email them straight to the client. You can also set up recurring invoices if you need to. All invoices are instantly viewable on screen and you can easily see the ones that are outstanding. With a couple of clicks you can resend an invoice with a reminder when it becomes overdue.

I’ve been using Invoiceable (previously Invoice Bubble) now for over a year with absolutely no problems.

Check it out for yourself.


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