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Google Image Search

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Most people are pretty familiar with Google Search to find website from keyword phrases. But Google has many more features and applications. One such feature is Google’s Image Search.

Image Search lets you find images that match certain criteria described by a keyword phrase. For example, supposing you want to find images of a certain thing. Let’s use an example,  wedding cake knives. Go to www.google.com, Choose Images from the top menu bar and then type the keyword phrase “wedding cake knives” into the search box. You will be presented with a set of different images of wedding cake knives from different websites.

Google Image Search

There is another way to use image search. If you already have an image and want to find similar images then if you click on the camera to the right of the search box you will be presented with a form that lets you search by image. Type the URL (address) of the image you’ve already got into the form and you will get a list of websites that contain the same or similar images. If the image you’ve got is on your PC you can upload it instead of typing in the URL.

Google Image Search

Both these Google facilities are particular useful if you’re searching for site that sell a particular product. Staying with the example above. Do an image search for “wedding cake knives”. You will get a list of images. Choose one that you like and click through to the site that the image is found on.  Usually you will find that the site sells wedding cake knives online.

You can now take this one step further and find other sites that sell the same product. Copy the URL of the image you’ve just found. (In Google Chrome you just need to right click on the image and choose “Copy image URL”). Then click the camera icon and bring up the search by image form. Right click in the form and choose “Paste”. Click “Search” and you will get a list of site selling the same knife. You can then look at each and find the cheapest.

Google image search has been around since 2001 and can often be an extremely useful alternative to Google’s web search facility.


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