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wwww.yourdomain or the 4 w's

by | Sep 19, 2012 | All, Websites & Blogs | 0 comments

No it’s not a typo I really do mean 4 w’s. What are they?

It’s critical that, when people arrive on your website for the first time, they can see exactly what your company is all about without having to play Sherlock Holmes with your site to find out.

The 4 w’s are what I believe are essential to convey this to the first time visitor.

  • What do you do? – A clear and simple statement, or images, showing exactly what you do. Not an elevator pitch. Example – we are solicitors specializing in company law.
  • Where do you do it? – The area that you cover. Example – we operate throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.
  • Who do you do it to? – The type of customers you target. Example – we provide a service specifically for small businesses.
  • Why should I let you do it to me? – Some proof that you can do what you say you do. Typically testimonials either written or videoed.

Get the 4 w’s right and your first time visitor is likely to stay on your site and look further. And if you can get the rest of the site right, your visitor might become your customer.


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