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Forget the Elevator Pitch

One of the first things that a visitor needs to understand when he arrives at your website is what you do. You have about 5 seconds to convey that message in as succinct and clear a way as possible without ambiguity. So how should you do this?

Let me say firstly, forget the elevator pitch. The so-called elevator pitch, as expounded by many marketing gurus is designed to provoke further questions when you meet someone who asks you what you do.

So, for example, rather than answering that you’re a beautician, to which most people would just shrug and leave it at that, you could say that you help women to improve their love lives. The idea is that this would provoke the question “how do you do that?” which would give you an opening to expound further about your business.

The elevator pitch is great face-to-face but not for your website. Most visitors who arrive at your site will simply scan to see what you do so they won’t be prepared to go through the kind of guessing game that the elevator pitch lets you play.

Convey what you do with a straightforward headline or some images or, ideally, both. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t let your web developer convince you otherwise. Some web developers try to show off their design skills with unconventional designs. Be careful. They might get accolades from other web designers but they won’t do anything for your business.

Keep it simple so that your website hits them straight in eye with what you do.


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