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If I had £1 for every site that had “Welcome to My Website” as a headline on the Home page I would have retired to the Bahamas by now.

The first thing I read on a website will set my expectations about the rest of the site and encourage me to read further. “Welcome to My Website” gives me no clue about the rest of the site. It says to me that the business owner hasn’t given any thought to the site and has merely copied what thousands of other sites do.

The amount of information that you can fit onto a single screen is extremely limited. The Home page should show a visitor, in a matter of seconds, what the business is about and attract that visitor into other parts of the site. Bland welcome statements are simply wasting valuable screen space.

Put some thought into the headline. Make it quirky and challenging so that the reader will want to read more.

I would be more tempted to look at the rest of the site if the headline said “Shove Off My Website” rather than “Welcome to My Website”!


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