Know How – Copying Screen Images

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Quite often you see an image on the screen that you may want to copy to include in a document, email to someone or include in a blog post. Here’s how to do it.

Firstly right click the image (move your cursor over it and click the right hand mouse button). You should see a pop-up menu containing the option Copy image. Click that option, then open up your image editor (see here how to get a good quality image editor for very little cost) and then paste the image either using the Paste option or using the shortcut Ctrl + v. You can then edit the image as you require and save it.

Occasionally when you right click an image you may not see an option to copy it. In this case type Alt + Print Screen to copy an image of the entire screen. Then open your image editor, paste the screen image and cut the image you require from it.

That’s it. Simple.


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