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There is a debate raging at the moment about how far ISP’s should go to block access to certain Internet content. At the forefront of the debate is the subject of protecting children from pornography.

Whilst I believe that this is a very serious issue, my view on this with regards to ISP’s, is simple. ISP’s perform a role very similar to that of a post office. That is to simply deliver content, whatever that may be and created by whoever, to end consumers. A post office does not open mail to check and censor the material inside the envelope. Neither should an ISP check and censor content.

For content that is illegal, such as child pornography, it is the responsibility of the police to pursue and stop the perveyors. For content that is legal, it is the responsibility of parents to decide whether or not it is suitable for their children.

It seems to me that the IPS’s are being used as a scapegoat whilst parents and police shirk their responsibilities.


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