White Label Website Services

This article explains what white label website services are and how, as a professional who deals directly with business clients, you can benefit from these services.

The Problem

Let’s assume that you are a business consultant. You troubleshoot businesses that have problems and challenges. You then help them to put solutions in place that will turn their businesses around and make profits.

One of the problems you will often find is that the business has a website that is doing them no favours. It could even be harming the business by deterring potential customers.

Like many business consultants, you are probably not a web designer but can usually spot a poor website when you see one. So what do you do when you find that your client needs a better website? Many business consultants will simply recommend the client to a web development company and this may well solve the problem.

However, this introduces another problem. Another party in introduced into the equation – the web development company. That company’s relationship to your client will be a direct one and you are relegated to a third party. As far as the website is concerned, you will have limited input to the design process and limited control over the end product.

Solution – White Label Website Services

A better solution is for you, the business consultant, to design and build the website yourself. But most business consultants don’t have the skill or time to do this. This is where a partner providing white label website services can help.

The white label partner is a silent partner as far your client is concerned. You, the business consultant, have the customer-facing role, calling on the white label partner when necessary and, in some cases, involving the partner in direct discussions with the client. However the white label partner acts as if he is part of your team leaving you as the sole point of contact with his client.

As far as your client is concerned your team is producing the website. You are directly involved in the website design process and have control over the entire process.


Partnering with a white label website services company adds an entirely new dimension to a business consultant’s capability and effectiveness. This can result in more clients for that business consultant. And of course, because the business consultant can add a margin onto the price charged by the white label partner, his profits will increases.

I have focused so far on a mythical business consultant. But many other professionals can also benefit in the same way from a white label website services partner; marketing agencies, design agencies, print shops, IT professionals, life coaches, SEO consultants, for example.

In fact, any professional who has a direct marketing relationship with his client can potentially benefit from a white label web design partner.

Customers like to deal with a one-stop-shop rather than dealing with multiple suppliers. Partnering with a white label website services company can turn your business into that one-stop-shop.

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Written by
Mike Brogan
Mike is a website developer specializiing in website design, online marketing, ecommerce design, and consutancy. He has developed website for clients for over 20 years.

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