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How We Work

What’s it like to work with Day 10 Internet?

When you work with us
You Can Expect

A state of the art website that will look professional and attractive on devices ranging from PCs, laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones.

Continual improvement to your website to accurately represent your business as it changes and grows, and also as website technology changes.

Online marketing to promote and market your services and products online to attract more customers and maximise your online sales.

Advice and consultancy to help you get the best out of your website.

Ongoing maintenance to keep your website secure and free from technical problems.

A partner who is committed to helping you increase your business by using the internet.

our guiding Beliefs and Values

We are in business to help you and, in particular, to help you make a profit. That’s what drives us. 

However we will not cut corners or work unethically to do that. So, for example, we will not send out spam; we will not make exaggerated or false statements about your business. 

We will respect your privacy. Especially if we are working for other clients in the same industry as yours.

We will not share information without your explicit approval.

Unique Approach

We are a boutique web design company and, as such, we limit the number of clients that we work with at any given time. 

When you contract with us you’re gaining a partner who will work closely with you to get involved in your business. Google web design and you will find thousands of web design companies listed. What sets Day 10 apart is that we won’t simply design you a website. We are committed to helping you get more clients and increase your profits.

We won’t simply ask for your requirements and then deliver them. That’s not the way we work. Yes we will listen to your requirements, but we will also dig into them to understand what you are actually trying to achieve. Then we will make suggestions as to what we think you really need.

Getting the best our of the Internet requires ongoing work we prefer to work with clients that appreciate that fact and who are prepared to work on a monthly subscription basis. 

If you do decide to work with us, we will require you to commit a significant amount of your time, at least in the early stages. One of the first things we will do is to get to know your business. We will do this by interviewing you either face to face or over the telephone. As the project progresses we will expect you to provide written information about your business, any relevant images, and we will expect you to promptly review the website as is progresses through the design process, and provide us with feedback. 

But don’t be put off. We are here to help you. We will edit any written material that you provide, and we will reformat any image to suit the design.

Above all we will be flexible and we hope that you will find working with us fun.

Now that you have a better idea

about what you can expect by working with us