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A Little Know Secret about Website Design

by | Jan 30, 2014 | All | 0 comments

Content is King

There are many myths about the internet, not least of which is the one about web design. Most people think that in order to be successful you simply need to design a website that looks great. Some businesses spend a fortune with a web designer in order to get a website that looks fantastic.

Let me let you into a secret. These days, with content management systems such as WordPress, designing a nice professional looking website is easy and well within the capabilities of most people who can find their way around a computer……

The real skill and what will determine the success or failure of a website comes, firstly, in knowing what to put in the site – the content – and, secondly, knowing what to do with the site when it’s all put together – the marketing. Many web designers put all the emphasis on the design part at the expense of the content and marketing parts.

Great content in the form of text description, images, video or audio is what makes the site. It serves to demonstrate your expertise, hold visitors’ attention and interest and convert them into sales or qualified leads.

Marketing using appropriate channels such as search engines, blogs, newsletters, email, social media etc. is essential to attract visitors to the site in the first place.

Without content or marketing a cool looking website is simply that, a cool looking website. But that won’t generate business for you.

So before you go out and spend money getting a website designed do some research first. Talk a look round the rest if this site, particularly at the Blog and Knowledge Centre sections where you will find a wealth of information. Then give me a call. I’ll be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Remember it all begins with a quick discussion.


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