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Google ReaderAs I posted on this blog back in March this year, Google reader is being withdrawn by Google after 1/7/13. Google’s announcement claimed that the number of people using the product has declined and Google wants to focus its efforts on fewer product offerings. Despite protests from users of the product, it seems that Google is still going ahead with the closure. So what’s the alternative?

I looked around and finally settled on InoReader (https://www.inoreader.com/). It’s very similar to Google Reader. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and had no problems with it, and it’s free. For me conversion from Google Reader was easy. All you have to do is go into Google Reader, go to Settings at the top right, click Reader Settings, and then open the Import/Export tab.  From here you can export all your feed settings.

Then go to https://www.inoreader.com/, set up an account , click Preferences (top right) and you will see an Import/Export tab similar to that on Google Reader. From here you can import all the settings you exported from Google Reader. If you prefer, there is an option to link directly to Google Reader but, of course, after today this is not going to work.

If you haven’t already exported your settings from Google reader, do it today. Otherwise you will have to start from scratch and set up all your feeds one byu one.

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