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Why Written Website Content Is Still Important

by | Jun 4, 2013 | All, Opinion | 0 comments

PresenterHave you noticed that there is an increasing trend towards people making “talking head” videos to get their points across online as opposed to posting articles.  I don’t know about you but I find these particularly irritating.

I’ve got nothing against videos providing they add value, but a video of the author standing in front of a camera, essentially reading out his article whilst making awkward gestures in the belief that this “body language” is adding gravitas to the speech, is often cringe-worthy in the extreme.

Cringeness aside the fact is that, with a document, I can scan through and in a few seconds, get the gist of the article, and decide whether I’m interested and whether I want to read the entire article. I can’t do that with a video. I have to watch the whole thing. Also, if I decide to read the entire article, I can do that a lot faster than watching a video.

So message to bloggers, if you really must have a video in your blog then get creative with it. Use the video to add emphasis to your speech, similar to the way a really good conference speaker uses the screen – bullet points, images, cartoons etc. Would you watch a TV show where all you see is the presenter talking? I wouldn’t. So why do you think people want to watch you talking.

Perhaps the fact that Internet technology is now capable of making streamed video possible is driving this trend. But just because it’s possible shouldn’t mean that video should become ubiquitous at the expense of other forms of information delivery.

Viva the written word.

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