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Where Did You Go Wrong Captain Smith?

by | Mar 4, 2013 | All | 0 comments

Captain Smith - TitanicI notice from the news today that Alan (Lord) Sugar is resigning as non-executive chairman of internet TV service YouView because “after his two-year tenure his work was complete“.

That says to me that YouView could be on the slippery slope to oblivion. It smells like the standard butt-covering move that most “successful” people at the top make.

The ship is to embark on a major voyage. The captain “steps aside” because he’s done his stint and wants to let someone else have a chance as master……

But he knows the vessel is leaky and might not reach its destination.

Whatever happens he’ll come out smelling of roses. If the vessel sinks en route, he can claim that it was fine when he was in charge and the mishap was probably down to inexperience or incompetence from the new captain. If it makes it to its destination he can claim that he was responsible for getting it into tip top condition prior to handing it over to his successor.

Where would the Titanic have ended up if Lord S had been in charge? Probably still at the bottom of the Atlantic with the great lord in Southampton!


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