The Internet and Free Speech

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Boris Johnson writes in the Daily Telegraph today.

Boris Johnson and Twitter

“Leveson is proposing to throw shackles around that part of the media that is already struggling – while doing nothing to tackle the riot of bile and slander on the web. It was Twitter that turned the BBC’s awful Newsnight into a monstrous libel of Lord McAlpine.”

Boris Johnson is an establishment man. The word establishment is stamped all the way through him like the words “Blackpool Rock” on a stick of that sugary stuff that rots your teeth. Look beyond the bumbling, comic image that he tries to portray and you will find someone who reflects the true views of the ultra conservative establishment.

So when Boris talks about tackling the bile and slander on the web he is simply reflecting the views of the establishment, especially government. As I have said before in this blog, governments are desperate to gain control of the Internet because it puts power into the hands of ordinary people like you and me.

Newspapers on the other hand are owned and controlled by a few powerful people. As such they do not represent free speech, whether they are regulated, as proposed by Leveson, or not. Newspapers reflect the views of their owners.

We must resist any attempt to control, regulate, or shackle the Internet. The Internet represents true free speech because it is not under the ownership of any one person or organization. If what is posted there breaks the law then we should use the law against the perpetrators. We do not need regulators to do this for us.

“Better a thousandfold abuse of free speech than denial of free speech” – Charles Bradlaugh


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