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The Power on Your Wall

by | Oct 15, 2012 | All, Opinion | 0 comments

Internet Socket100 years ago if you’d said to someone, that in 100 years time, you will be able to plug a device into a socket on the wall and get access to a significant proportion of all the information known to man, then they would have thought you were off your head.

What’s more that they would be able to use that same socket to communicate using text, voice, image and moving pictures to anyone in the world instantly, then that would have confirmed to them that you were crazy.

“The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.”  John Naisbitt

But that’s exactly the situation we are in today. That socket exists in every home that subscribes to an internet connection. The knowledge potential of that socket surpasses the largest libraries in the world. Indeed most of the world’s libraries put together.

The tragedy of it however is that most people don’t realize what they’ve got. Many merely see it as the latest form of entertainment. One step on from the TV. Another gimmick to occupy idle minds that are too lazy to think.

Stand back for a moment and think about the potential power in that socket on the wall. Think about what the word “power” means and what makes someone powerful. Military and physical capabilities certainly give people power, but the really powerful people are the ones with the information and the capability to communicate it. And that’s exactly what the internet provides to us all.

If you want proof just look at what’s happened in the Middle East after the so-called Arab Spring where social media has been a major enabling factor in many of the revolutions that have taken place since.

We all have the potential to be powerful. It’s sitting on the wall waiting for us to take it. But most people don’t. Why? Is it because they’re not aware of it? Probably in many cases. Is it because they’re too lazy to bother? Again probably for some people?  Perhaps we need to be educating people better to take advantage.

But then again perhaps it’s better that we keep most people in a state of self induced blissful ignorance of that power at their fingertips and just let them get on catching up with Eastenders on the iPlayer.

That way we won’t have a revolution!


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