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The Business Starter Package

From time to time I often come across graphic design companies who think, just because they can create a design out of images and text, they can develop websites. One dead giveaway to this kind of thinking is when they offer a “small business business starter package”. This usually comprises letter heads, business cards and a website.

Now I don’t have a problem with a business starter package, or letterheads and business cards. That’s what graphic designers are supposed to do. But I do have a problem with putting websites in the same category. It’s as if a website is something to tick off on the list of must haves for any business.

The fact is that a website is just one component in a company’s online marketing efforts. And online marketing includes many things other than just a website – search engine promotion, content creation, email marketing, newsletter distribution, social media marketing etc. The list can go on an on depending on the business type, budget and amount of effort the business owner is prepared to devote to it.

A website on its own is a waste of money without being part of an overall marketing strategy.

So, if you’re just starting a small business, go to the graphic designer for your stationery by all means. But leave the website to someone who understands online marketing.

Your online marketing is an investment that will bring profit. It’s not a cost overhead. Business stationery is an overhead. Don’t confuse the two.


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