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The Cult of Amateurism

by | Aug 13, 2012 | All, Opinion | 0 comments

The London 2012 Olympics is now over and has been a roaring success, Team GB having won it’s biggest haul of medals ever and the staging of the games themselves defying all the naysayers and being seen as a triumph. But stand back now and look at one of the main reasons for these successes.

In a word, investment. Team GB has been funded to the tune of over £260m whilst the staging of the games themselves cost over £10bn, up from the original forecast of £2.4bn. All this just shows that to get the results you need to invest. For many years Britain was a place where heroes, both sporting and non-sporting, succeeded with little support other than their own immediate circle of family and friends and charities – the British Cult of Amateurism I call it.

Now that, thankfully, seems to be behind us.

There is a big lesson here for businesses, especially small businesses, where investment in, for example, a website is often treated as a cost to the business rather than an investment.

The real message from the Olympics is that if you want to succeed be prepared to put in the investment. It will pay off many times over, particularly in the online marketing activities of your business.

Oh and let’s not forget the ongoing investment in effort and dedication also without which those athletes at the Olympics wouldn’t have succeeded. A fact also true for your businesses and your online marketing.


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