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Was Your LinkedIn Password Leaked? Find Out Here.

by | Jun 8, 2012 | All, Websites & Blogs | 0 comments

Recently around 6.5m users passwords were stolen from LinkedIn and posted on a Russian hacker forum. Are you one of those LinkedIn users affected?.

This is far worse than it appears as first sight because many users use the same password for other applications ans services. The recommendation is to change any password that has been cracked.

Now there is a way to find out if yours is on the the passwords that have been stolen and cracked……..

A New York-based web developer and his colleagues have built a web-based application for people to see if their LinkedIn password hash is among those stolen. The application LeakedIn converts a person’s clear-text password into its corresponding cryptographic representation using the SHA-1 algorithm, which was stored by LinkedIn. It does that conversion in the browser using JavaScript and does not transmit the password elsewhere.

Check if your password was leaked here.

To find out more information about LeakedIn go to the developer’s blog here.


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