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Why You Should Regularly Update Your Website

by | May 21, 2012 | All, Websites & Blogs | 0 comments

Regularly updating the content of your website is not just a good ideas it is essential if you want your website to be effective.

There are some obvious reasons for keeping the site updated. Such as keeping the site looking fresh or keeping the site up to date with changes to your business. But one of the most important reasons is that it helps your search engine positioning.

Search engines such as Google will visit your site more frequently if new content is regularly updated. This will help to increase your sites positioning or, at least maintain its position. The converse is that, if you don’t keep updating it, it will almost certainly lose position and gradually fall in the listings.

Why is this? Well consider what a search engine really is. It essentially a catalogue of website contents. You tell it what you’re looking for by typing in keywords and it gives you results in the order of most relevance.

Now imagine that you were to compile a catalogue of the contents of all the shops in your town. People could look at this catalogue and find which shop has a particular item. In order to keep the catalogue up to date you would need to update the content regularly. To do this you would need to visit each shop regularly to check what has changed.

After a while though you would get to know the shops where items for sale changed infrequently, or not at all. To avoid wasting time you would stop visiting them as often as those where content was continually updated.

So it is with search engines. If Google finds that the content of your site changes rapidly it will start to visit the site frequently to check for new content. Sites that are pretty much static will only be checked by Google infrequently. As a consequence other sites that have more dynamic content than yours will find their way into the search engine at higher positions than yours and consequently your site will gradually lose position.

Blogs are an excellent way of keeping content updated. I have found new articles on my blog listed on the first page of Google within an hour of posting. You don’t need to have a dedicated blog separate from your website. A blog page on your site that you can update yourself is all that’s required.

If you want a website to work for you, you need to put some effort into it and keep it updated with fresh content. If you have website developed and treat it as static, then expect to get little out of it. In which you’re effectively wasting your money getting it developed in the first place.


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