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by | May 9, 2012 | All, Opinion | 0 comments

Walk the talk – You need to walk the talk but, at the same time, you need to talk the walk otherwise no one will know you’re walking.

High end suppliers – To attract high end clients you need to look and act like a high end supplier.

Websites – Why is a website like a celebrity? Because, like a celebrity, it needs frequent updates, make-overs, and reinvention to stay attractive and popular.

Car insurance – We complain that today’s car insurance premiums are going through the roof. But if you look a today’s cars’ performance, an ordinary hatchback has got the same kind of performance as a super-car of 50 years ago. And 50 years ago the insurance premium of that same super-car would have been considered to be through the roof.

The Internet – Today, I can go on the Internet, order my groceries and a little while later a van will pull outside and deliver my order. 50 or so years ago you could pick up the telephone give the local shop an order and a boy on a bike would cycle round and deliver it. Progress?

IT Support – I used to provide IT support to home users. People would baulk at paying £70 to get their computer back up in running order. But nobody bats an eyelid when a plumber comes round and charges £70 before he’s even got a spanner out of his bag. I should have been a plumber!

Solicitors – Solicitors are even worse. They charge by the minute and the clock starts ticking as soon as you lay a hand on the phone. But many things, that people automatically turn to solicitors for, can be done themselves. I’ve successfully done two divorces myself and successfully sued people through the small clams court myself. All the information you need is on the Internet. Don’t give these people your business if you can help it. They hide behind a cloud of legal fog and play on people’s fears. Still, maybe I should have been a solicitor!


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