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The Myth of B2B

by | Sep 27, 2011 | All, Websites & Blogs

Person 2 personWhat type of business do you think yours is? Business to business (B2B), selling to other businesses or business to consumer (B2C), selling to consumers? Both of these terms are misleading and, in the 21st century world of social networking, are dead concepts.

In reality, there is no such thing as a business. A business is a notional and legal entity. Instead we have individuals. Some “businesses” are single individuals, others are collections of individuals.

A business cannot manufacture. People do. Even if most of the work is done by machines, it’s people who control the machines. Businesses don’t do marketing. People do. And when we’re talking about who we sell to we don’t sell to businesses. We sell to individuals.

From the smallest sole trader to large corporations, at the end of the day, it almost always boils down to a single individual who makes the buying decision. Granted, in larger companies, there are more people involved in the process. But most of these are just steps along the way to the final decision which is usually made by a single individual.

So in terms of our websites, this means that the site must have a voice that is aimed at that single individual who makes the final decision. And also the voice must sound as if it’s coming from an individual. Use the active voice as much as possible instead of the passive. Include names on the site, particularly if you’re a sole trader or small company. Include photographs.

And in terms of actually marketing the site, this then ties in directly with social networking which you should be using. But that’s for another article.

Remember B2B and B2C are dead 20th century concepts. In the 21st century teens, it’s person to person (P2P) that matters.

Mike Brogan – Day 10 Solutions