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It is so easy to waste money and effort on marketing that turns out to be ineffective. The key to good marketing is to measure and then improve, then measure again and improve again, etc. But how many of us actually does that, or even knows how to do it, particularly from our online marketing? 

If you send out bulk email campaigns, can you determine how many visitors to your website came from the campaign you just sent out? Perhaps you use paid search – Google Adwords? If so can you determine how many visitors come from Adwords? Can you determine how many came from specific keywords on your Adwords campaigns?

Let me guess. The answer to all these questions is probably no? You probably use Google Analytics or something similar to get the basic visitor stats from your website, but did you know that there is a way to get the answers to all the questions I posed above? Let me tell you the secret.

When you call up a specific web page you do so with the page’s address (URL). For example the URL to the home of my website is https://www.day10.co.uk. In Google Analytics I can get a count of all the visits to that particular page for any period of time. If I add a string of character to the end of that URL, preceded by a question mark character (?) – for example, http://www.day10.uk?campaign=a1 – then I will still be taken to the home page of my website because the browser will ignore the character string starting with the question mark character. However, the entire URL including the string will show up as a separate page in the Google Analytics statistics. You have effectively tagged that url so you can identify the place it came from.

Knowing this, you can see that it can be applied to links from any number of places; email campaigns, paid search, inbound links from online directories, email signatures etc. You can even use it for offline marketing. I have used it to great effect in Adwords campaigns where I’ve used it to track visits from individual keywords and ads.

So there you are. No excuses now for ineffective online marketing!


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